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Lavanya Sambalpur


When an individual decides to invest in land that is reasonable, he invariably searches area that shows promise of growth. In most cases such land is encumbered and the title contested by a number of claimants. So if the land is affordable, its title is not clean, else it is expensive.

The Sambalpur Town House Building Cooperative Society Ltd (affiliated to Orissa Co-operative Housing Corporation-OCHC) addressed this reality with Lavanya.

A sprawling 10-acre unencumbered development on the Sambalpur – Cuttack National Highway. A futuristic location which has shown excellent growth in the last few years with a number of residential, educational and commercial projects in their advanced stages of development.

Lavanya, in close proximity to this development, will offer a safe haven for residences/farm houses. Close and yet away from the noise and din of the National Highway.

Lavanya will offer affordable, developed plots with secure concrete boundaries, superior drainage facilities and well paved concrete internal roads, electric connections and lush plantations. The land will enjoy a clean title under the stewardship of Sambalpur Town House Building Cooperative Society Ltd, to ensure safety and growth of your investment.

Booking Process

  • Application forms are available on payment of Rs. 100 from STHBCS office from 7/10/2016 or can be downloaded from download link.
  • Interested buyers should submit application form along with a DD/cheque of Rs.50000 in favor of TIDPL -STHBCS at STHBCS office, or speed post to the above address on or before 21/10/2016.
  • Allotment of plots will be made through a lottery to be held on 27/10/2016 at the site at 4:00 PM onwards.
  • The Booking amount of Rs 50000 will be encashed immediately after the lottery and only for successful applicants.
  • Unsuccessful applicants will receive the refund of booking amount within 20 days from the date of lottery.
  • Project will be handed over in 12 months from 1st Installment date with a grace period of three months.

Outright Purchase Scheme.

Dimension (Feet ) Area (Sqft) Amount
30'X60' 1800 INR 560,000.00
30'x65' 1950 INR 605,000.00
40'X60' 2400 INR 750,000.00
45'X60' 2700 INR 840,000.00
Other Sizes Plots Rate
1700-1900 440/-Per Sqft
1900-2400 440/-Per Sqft
2400 & Above 440/-Per Sqft

  • OPS Allottees will have to pay the entire purchase amount by 15/11/2016.
  • OPS applicants will be given preference over installment purchase scheme applicants.

Installment Purchase scheme: An additional 3% finance charges will be levied over published rates

Installment Payable by Amount
Booking Amount Rs. 50000/-
1st Installment 11/11/2016 25% of the Plot Cost
2nd Installment 12/12/2016 25% of the Plot Cost
3rd Installment 11/01/2017 25% of the Plot Cost
Final Installment 11/02/2017 Balance Amount

Plotting layout specification


  • 5 feet boundary wall

SFRC pre-cast columns

  • Column size: 200 mm x 200 mm x 2700-3000 mm.
  • Reinforcement of 8 mm TOR steel along the length of column with steel fibers mixed with concrete mix of M30 grade.

SFRC pre-cast wall panels

  • Panel Size : 50mm x 300mm x 2400mm
  • Reinforcement of 80mm TOR steel along the length of panel with steel fibers mixed with a concrete mix of M30 grade


  • SURFACE WATER DRAIN will be provided


  • Dressing of road surface to require level up to 300 mm thick.
  • Consolidation.
  • Sub-grade murum filling 450 mm thickness.
  • Base course.
  • Well paved concrete internal roads.


  • Laterite stone


  • Landscape area with grass, shrubs and trees.
  • Plantation on one side of roads
  • Children play area.


  • Substation (Transformer) for Street Lightning & other amenities.
  • Internal H.T Line & L.T Line.
  • Fixing Electrical Poles with street lights.
  • Standard quality overhead cabling.

Quick Facts

  • Project Span

    10 Acres

  • Availability

    Booking Process Opened.

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