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Lavanya Pattanaikia is located just 100 metres from the main Bhubaneswar-Puri road. The site is very close to Sakhi Gopal town which, with over 1 lakh residents, already has all necessary amenities in place.

Pipili. also with a population of nearly a lakh, is the second closest location. Connected by the four-lane highway from Bhubaneswar to Puri. it is in close range of both cities.

Lavanya Pattanaikia will have aesthetically designed restaurants which will serve members of the Lavanya Family and their guests.

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Booking Process (ROUND ONE)

Plotted areas (not common areas) will be charged at the rate Rs. 475 under the Installment Purchase Scheme and Rs. 455 per sqft under the Outright Purchase scheme (Stamp duty, registration and applicable taxes will be charged above this rate).

Installment Payable by Amount
Booking Amount With Application Rs. 1 lakh
1st Installment 21st August, 2015 25% of the Plot Cost
2nd Installment 25th September, 2015 25% of the Plot Cost
3rd Installment 23rd October, 2015 25% of the Plot Cost
Final Installment 27th November, 2015 Balance Amount
  • Application forms are available on payment of Rs. 100 from The Office of Orissa Co-Operative Housing Corporation LTD, Janpath, Unit-III, Bhubaneswar-751001, or can be downloaded from or or (Download Application Form).
  • Interested buyers should submit application form along with a DD/cheque/NEFT in favor of TIDPL-OCHC for Rs.1 Lakh at OCHC office, or speed post to the mentioned address on or before 31/07/2015.
  • Allotment of plots will be made through a lottery to be held on 05/08/2015.
    Account Details :
    Account Name : TIDPL-OCHC
    Account No : 50200013002931
    Bank : HDFC Bank, Patia, Bhubaneswar
    IFS Code : HDFC0004705
  • Upto 4 Applicants can apply collectively.In case their combined application is selected , they will be alloted plots in a pre-determined manner, adjacent to one another (Further details in Application form).
  • The Booking amount of Rs 1 Lakh will be encashed immediately after the lottery and only for successful applicants. Legal action will be taken against dishonoured cheques.
  • Unsuccessful applicants will receive the refund of booking amount within 20 days from the date of lottery.
  • Project will be handed over in 8 months from 1st Installment date with a grace period of three months.

Outright Purchase Scheme.

  • Under the Outright Purchase Scheme plots will be charged at Rs 455 per sq ft.
  • OPS allottee will have to pay the entire purchase amount within 10 days of lottery.
  • OPS applicants will be given preference over Installments scheme applicants.

Plotting layout specification

Bringing you closer to nature. Lavanya aims at creating 'urban villages'. where you can enjoy all modern facilities without losing the connect with nature. The verdant landscapes and top-of┬Čthe-class facilities come at a price that makes them accessible to everyone.


  • Landscaped area with grass. shrubs and trees.
  • Plantation on one side of road.
  • Coconut plantation to aid in maintenance of project


4 feet boundary wall extendable to 5 feet

SFRC precast columns

  • Column size: 200 mm x 200 mm x 2700-3000 mm
  • Reinforcement of 8 mm TOR steel along the length of column with steel fibres mixed with concrete mix of M30 grade

SFRC precast wall panels

  • Panel size: 50 mm x 300 mm x 2400 mm
  • Reinforcement of 8 mm TOR steel along the length of panel with steel fibres mixed with a concrete mix of M30 grade


Concrete roads cost almost 3 times that of the BT roads but they continue to serve for decades. The quality is like any other slab cast in homes.

  • Dressing of road surface to require level upto 300 mm thick.
  • Consolidation.
  • Sub-grade murum filling 450 mm thickness.
  • Base course.
  • Well paved concrete internal roads.


Concrete roads cost almost 3 times that of the BT roads but they continue to serve for decades. The quality is like any other slab cast in homes.

  • Sub-station (transformer) for street lighting and other amenities.
  • Internal FIT Line and LT Line.
  • Fixing electric poles with street lights.
  • Standard quality overhead cabling.


  • Boring 250 mm dia. single. under-reamed cast in situ pile. 3.5 m long with RCC (1:1.5:3).
  • Pile cap and tie beam with RCC (1:1.5:3).
  • Brick masonry using 250 mm thick fly ash bricks cement mortar (1:6).
  • Brick masonry using 125 mm thick By ash bricks cement mortar (1:4).
  • RCC band (1:2:4).
  • '12 mm cement plaster to brick masonry cement mortar (1:6).


  • Surface water drainage system will be provided.


Plot owners will be given free membership of Lavanya Village Green for 35 years to use all amenities by paying maintenance charges:

  • Aesthetically designed restaurant serving set meals.
  • Beautiful landscaped garden.
  • Children's play area.
  • 5-Layered synthetic tennis cum basketball court.
  • Utility shops.

Quick Facts

  • Project Span

    14.302 Acres

  • Availability

    Booking process Open.

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